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        Native Animals Colombia has hundreds of native animals but here are examples of the wonderful creatures that inhabit this country… Speckled Bear Coppery Titi Southern Tamandua West Indian Manatee Black Mantled Tamarin Three Striped Night Monkey… Continue Reading →

Would You Rather….

Please comment on what your answer is in the reply section. Would you rather always be twenty minutes early or ten minutes late? Would you rather loose all your money and valuables or all the pictures you have taken? Would… Continue Reading →

Camp Wyuna

On a very sunny morning the sharks went to the beach for an activity called beach survivor. When we all came to the shore of the sea the instructor explained what we would be doing for a warm up games,… Continue Reading →


The prefixes I am going to tell you about are – Anti Some of the words that begin with this prefix is Anti-spam, Anticlockwise, Anti-plague, Anti-busters, Anti-dote and Anti-competitive . Anti means against or the opposite of the root or… Continue Reading →

On the Other side

Who would of thought that spilling lime juice would of caused an alien invasion, hello I’m Prof Laura Sanders, I created the alien invasion in 2055 which is 36 Years 6 Months 19 Days 9 Hours 35 Minutes from when you are reading this. And how will I… Continue Reading →


Habitat Even though their ancestors lived in North America, today sloths live in Central and South America. The perfect weather for these dear little creatures are tropical, humid and rainy are the ideal climate for these species. Diet A sloths… Continue Reading →

Don’t Keep animals in Cages

I personally believe that keeping animals in cages is cruel for these reasons, they need to adapt to there natural habitat, you treat them like they have no feelings and the innocent little creatures have to learn survival skills! Firstly,… Continue Reading →

Lola’s Paintbrush

Lola’s bedroom was dull and damp, the ceiling was leaking and her bed makes a bloodcurdling creak every time she moved in it. The orphanage was on Bent street looming over it was a gloomy factory making the orphanage look… Continue Reading →

Camp Horror land

Emma Kirk’s parents were getting ready to get on the plane, while 13 year old Emma with no survival skills what so ever, was going to Camp Smith the creepiest camp in town. “But Mum!” pleaded Emma, ” Girls at… Continue Reading →

📚Reading vs Writing📚

I personally believe that reading a book is better than writing a book. Firstly, reading expands your vocabulary. In my experience I did not know the definition of a word so when I found out the meaning it expanded my… Continue Reading →

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